The Importance of Office Cleaning Services

The Importance of Office Cleaning Services

Why is office cleaning so important? Office Cleaning is one of the vital factors in running a business or company. Often forgotten about because they work when everyone is out of office.

It is important to make sure that your office is cleaned from top to bottom everyday as not only does it meets health and safety standards, but it means that employees are working in a safe and hygienic area.

What to expect from Your office cleaner

Commercial cleaners offer various services to offices in cities and towns all over the UK in major cities like London, to smaller cities like Brighton, always ensuring they are fully trained and reliable.

Most commercial cleaners will range from small to large-sized offices. Their staff can come at days and time convenient for you.

You don’t have to worry about supplying cleaning materials and cleaning equipment as we supply everything at no extra cost to you.

Regular checks will be conducted to ensure your office is spotless.

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Please find below an example of some of the tasks that will be performed: Hallway / Corridor area:

1. Dust table, chairs, etc

2. Dust pictures, ornaments, flower vases, mirrors, etc

3. Dust lamps, switches, radiators, fans etc

4. Hoover/mop floor

purchase Seroquel Reception area:

1. Dust reception table, chairs etc

2. Dust pictures, ornaments, flower vases, mirrors etc

3. Dust lamp, switches, radiators, fans etc

4. Dust telephones, computer keyboards, computer screen, computer terminal blocks

5. Dust photocopier, fax machines etc

6. Wipe outside fridge

7. Wipe window sills

8. Hoover/mop floor

9. Dust bookshelves, cupboards, drawers etc

buy the stars lyrics Various rooms in the office:

1. Dust tables and chairs

2. Dust computer screens, computer terminal blocks, computer keyboards etc

3. Dust telephones, fax machines, photocopiers, printers etc

4. Dust bookshelves, cupboards, drawers etc

5. Dust wall borders and window sills

6. Dust pictures, ornaments etc

7. Dust lamp, switches, radiators , fans etc

8. Clean (inside and outside windows if required)

9. Hoover/mop floor

The Importance of Office Cleaning Services Kitchen:

1. Wash up mugs and cutlery

2. Wipe down worktables, outside cupboards etc

3. Clean inside and outside the microwave

4. Wipe down cooker and boiler

5. Wipe down toasters, kettles, tea, sugar and coffee containers and other kitchen utensils

6. Wipe down the fridge and sink

7. Wipe down wall tiles and switches

8. Wipe radiators

9. Hoover/mop floor

Bathroom area:

1. Wipe down shower and shower screen (if any)

2. Wipe down inside and behind sinks

3. Wipe down inside, on top, and behind the toilets

4. Wipe wall tiles

5. Clean mirrors, outside cabinets etc

6. Wipe window sill

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