Virtual Teams: How to Sustain High Performing Teams in the Virtual Workplace

Safīpur In this 60 minute webinar, Tamara shares actual work experience of being a successful remote employee and remote manager in less than ideal circumstances and learning through experimentation and error the most effective development for both employees and managers.

mail order Pregabalin Why you should attend: Managers need to remain relevant by upgrading their skills to incorporate the process and technology necessary for creating effective virtual teams.

can i buy prednisone over the counter in usa Managing a virtual team is fast becoming more the rule than the exception in organizations. These teams may be distributed across town, across the globe, the team may travel or they may work in a common office space but communicate via e-mail to their co-workers across the hall. The workplace is changing and as effective managers, we must also change and recognize that “work is something that we do and not a place that we go.”

Burghausen Areas Covered in the Session: Identify the Organizational Culture and Leadership required for High Performing Virtual Teams

Necessary Skills for Successful Virtual Team Leadership

Characteristics of a High Performing Virtual Team

Selecting the Best Technology for the Team by Blending Asynchronous and Synchronous Tools

Coaching and Motivating your Virtual Team to Optimum Performance

Lessons learned from Organizations that have Effective Virtual Teams

Who Will Benefit: All levels of managers from the newly appointed to the executive level

Human Resources

Telework Administrators